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CBPP Statement: March 24, 2017 - For Immediate Release

Greenstein: Congress Should Build on the Affordable Care Act’s Success, Not Reverse Our Progress

Today’s outcome allows the nation to continue its historic progress of the last seven years under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA has helped millions of Americans gain affordable, decent-quality health coverage, put in place important protections for consumers, and helped slow the growth in health care costs.

The House bill would have taken us backward, jeopardizing the health care of tens of millions of Americans, even as it provided substantial tax cuts for those at the top of the income scale.

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act should now accept that it has become a fundamental part of our nation’s health care system, and cease seeking to undermine it or repeal its key elements. Instead, Congress and the Administration – along with the states – should build on the success of the Affordable Care Act, strengthen and improve it, and continue the task of making health insurance affordable and accessible for all.