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Josie Phillips
Job Title
Analista de Políticas
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Josie Phillips is a Policy Analyst on the State Fiscal Policy Team. Before coming to the Center, Josie was a State Priorities Partnership Fellow with Maine Center for Economic Policy. There, she researched and advocated for policies to make Maine's economy stronger and more equitable, with a particular focus on the Child Tax Credit, affordable housing policy, and policies to address Maine's direct care worker shortage. She started her career in public policy research at the Oklahoma Policy Institute, focusing on labor and economic issues while leading the organization’s first advocacy initiative centered on Oklahoma’s LGBTQ+ population. Her professional passions are researching how to create a resilient, prosperous, and sustainable economy for all and advocating for LGBTQ+ acceptance and equality.

Josie received her bachelor’s in Economics and International Area Studies from the University of Oklahoma.

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