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Update: Where Things Stand for the Unemployed

Emergency federal jobless benefits expired in December, and the Senate-passed extension, which only provides benefits retroactively through May 31, continues to languish in the House.  This means that only regular state UI benefits — 26 weeks, in most states — are available to qualifying workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own.  We’ve updated our backgrounder on the weeks of UI available in each state to reflect where things stand for the unemployed across the country.

This map and table show the number of weeks available in each state, along with the state’s three-month average unemployment rate.  Click here for state-by-state figures on the nearly 5 million workers who have already lost emergency unemployment benefits or will run out of regular benefits through the end of 2014 and not receive emergency benefits if policymakers don’t restart the program.

Georgia and North Carolina will update the number of weeks of UI they offer for the second half of 2014 at the beginning of July, further cutting their already shorter-than-standard benefits.