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This week on Off the Charts, we focused on state budgets and taxes, food assistance, health care, the safety net, and Social Security.

  • On state budgets and taxes, Elizabeth McNichol listed five ways that states can produce a more trusted and reliable revenue estimate.
  • On food assistance, Becca Segal explained how community eligibility is poised to help millions more students nationwide receive free school meals.
  • On health care, Edwin Park highlighted new findings from the Congressional Budget Office that concur with our analysis of the reasons for Medicare Part D’s lower-than-expected costs.
  • On the safety net, Will Fischer pointed out how House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty plan could undercut rental assistance programs’ effectiveness and put substantial numbers of vulnerable families at risk for homelessness.
  • On Social Security, Kathy Ruffing highlighted recent updates to our chart book and a paper on Social Security Disability Insurance.

We released papers on best practices for state revenue forecasting, a new policy that makes it easier for community eligibility schools to participate in the E-rate program, and findings from the 2014 Medicare trustees’ report.  We also updated our chart book on Social Security Disability Insurance.

CBPP’s Chart of the Week:


A variety of news outlets featured CBPP’s work and experts recently. Here are some highlights:

Nine myths about the social safety net, annotated
Washington Post
August 7, 2014

States Watching Congress on Internet Access Taxes
August 5, 2014

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