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Louisa Manske
Job Title
Gerente Sénior de Campañas Estatales
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Louisa Manske is a Senior State Campaigns Manager on the State Fiscal Policy team. She brings 16 years of experience advocating for racial and economic justice issues as a policy and electoral strategist. Manske has supported grassroots state level policy campaigns in justice reform, police accountability, progressive revenue, workers’ rights, housing, and child care access.

Prior to joining the Center, she served as the Policy and Communications Director with the Chicago-based Workers Center for Racial Justice. In this capacity, she worked in partnership with the organization’s grassroots membership to drive state-level policy campaigns centered on racial equity and economic justice. Manske also steered strategic communications work for the organization’s affiliated C4 entity, the Center for Racial and Gender Equity. She is committed to advancing community driven policy campaigns that foster grassroots leadership, center the priorities of directly impacted advocates, and strengthen long-term movement power infrastructure.

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