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Claire Heyison
Job Title
Analista Sénior de Políticas - Políticas de Seguro Médico y del Mercado de Seguros Médicos
Claire Heylson

Claire Heyison is the Senior Policy Analyst — Health Insurance and Marketplace Policy on the Health team. Her work focuses on promoting federal and state policies that improve the affordability and accessibility of Affordable Care Act marketplace coverage.

Prior to joining the Center, Heyison served as a Research Scientist in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the George Washington University. In this role, she researched and evaluated policy approaches aimed at reducing uninsurance, incentivizing high-value care, and reducing health disparities. Previously, she served as Media and Communications Manager at CancerCare, where she coordinated efforts to educate people with cancer about consumer protections established by the ACA.

Heyison holds a Master of Public Health degree from George Washington University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College.

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