Podcast: Examining the New 2007 Census Data on Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance Coverage

August 26, 2008

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About the Author

  • Jared Bernstein

About the Speaker

Download the mp3 of this Podcast (20:47)

This podcast covers the following:

  • What do the new data show about poverty and poverty trends for the population as a whole and for specific demographic groups such as children and racial minorities?
  • What do the data show regarding trends in income and in income disparities?
  • What do the data show about the number and percentage of Americans in general, and of particular groups of Americans, who lack health insurance?
  • What do the data suggest about how low-income Americans and the middle class fared over the course of the economic recovery that peaked in 2007, and how does this compare to how they did in previous recoveries?
  • What are the policy implications of these data?

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