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Temporary Federal Unemployment Benefits Should Be Extended in All States and Strengthened
Wendell Primus, Isaac Shapiro, and Jessica Goldberg
140K-HTML, 35K-PDF, 9pp.

Introduction to Unemployment Insurance
Martha Coven
29K-HTML, 38K-PDF, 5pp.

What Type of Unemployment "Extension" Does the President Support?
Wendell Primus, Isaac Shapiro, and Robert Greenstein
12K-HTML, 36K-PDF, 2pp.

November Labor Market Data Confirm the Need To Extend and Strengthen the Temporary Federal Unemployment Program
Wendell Primus, Jessica Goldberg, John Springer
Revised 12/11/02
15K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 2pp.

A Response to Arguments Against Extending the Temporary Federal Unemployment Benefits Program
Wendell Primus and Jessica Goldberg
Revised 12/10/02
90K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 7pp.

Child Living Arrangements by Race and Income: A Supplementary Analysis
Wendell Primus
90K-HTML, 63K-PDF, 15pp.

October Labor Market Data Indicate Continued Lack of Job Growth Is Translating Into a Rise in Long-Term Unemployment
Isaac Shapiro and Wendell Primus
14K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 2pp.

370,000 Workers Exhaust Temporary Federal Unemployment Benefits in September Alone; Total Exhaustees Hit 1.5 Million Mark, with the Pace of Exhaustion Much Faster than in Last Recession
Wendell Primus, Isaac Shapiro, and Jessica Goldberg
128K-HTML, 46K-PDF, 7pp. State Fact Sheets

Behind the New Unemployment Figures: Long-Term Joblessness Is Rising
12K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 2pp.

The Price of Inaction: Three Million Jobless Workers to be Affected If Congress Takes No Action to Extend and Strengthen Temporary Federal Unemployment Benefits Program
Wendell Primus, Isaac Shapiro, and Jessica Goldberg
Press Release: 21K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 3pp. Full Report: 169K-HTML, 61K-PDF, 11pp.

Number of Workers Who Have Exhausted Federal Unemployment Insurance Benefits Passes the One Million Mark
Wendell Primus and Jessica Goldberg
183K-HTML, 25K-PDF, 5pp.

Analysis of Census Bureau's Poverty and Income Data for 2001
Robert Greenstein, Wendell Primus and Kathyrn H. Porter
12K-HTML, 22K-PDF, 3pp.

Number Of Workers Exhausting Federal Unemployment Insurance Benefits Will Reach An Estimated 1.5 Million By The End Of September And Exceed Levels In The Last Recession
Wendell Primus and Jessica Goldberg
Revised 9/19/02
33K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 8pp.

The August Unemployment Rate Masks the Severity of the Downturn and the Problems of Those Exhausting Their Unemployment Benefits
Wendell Primus and Jessica Goldberg
Revised 9/16/02
30K-HTML, 80K-PDF, 8pp.

Testimony of Wendell Primus on Unemployment
Wendell Primus
258K-PDF, 22pp.

The Importance of Using Most Recent Wages to Determine Unemployment Insurance Eligibility and Duration of Benefits
Jessica Goldberg and Wendell Primus
73K-PDF, 12pp.

Recent TANF Proposals Would Hinder Successful State Efforts to Help Families Overcome Barriers to Employment and Find Better-Paying Jobs
Heidi Goldberg
88K-PDF, 18pp.

A Description of the Unemployment Provisions in the Economic Stimulus Package
Jessica Goldberg and Wendell Primus
Revised 3/28/02
37K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 7pp.

Failing the Unemployed: A State-by-State Examination of Unemployment Insurance Systems
Maurice Emsellem, Jessica Goldberg, Rick McHugh, Wendell Primus, Rebecca Smith, and Jeffrey Wenger
Press Release: 12K-HTML, Full Report: 270K-PDF, 33pp. and Media Kit

Multi-Year Business Tax Cuts Still Dwarf Aid to Unemployed Workers in New House Bill
Joel Friedman and Isaac Shapiro
Revised 3/11/02
37K-HTML, 55K-PDF, 7pp.

House Opts to Press for More Tax Cuts Rather than Ensure Quick Enactment of Extended Unemployment Benefits
Robert Greenstein, Joel Friedman, and Edwin Park
Revised 3/4/02
77K-HTML, 78K-PDF, 14pp.

New Data Show That a Record Number of Workers - 356,000 Individuals - Exhausted Their Unemployment Benefits in January Without Receiving Additional Weeks of Benefits
Wendell Primus and Jessica Goldberg
38K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 4pp.

Relieving The Recession: Nineteen Ways States Can Assist Low-Income Families During the Downturn
Edited by John Springer and Heidi Goldberg
8K-HTML, 312K-PDF, 49pp.

House Avoids Clean Extension of Unemployment Benefits as 80,000 Unemployed Workers Exhaust Their Benefits Each Week
Wendell Primus, Isaac Shapiro and Jessica Goldberg
Revised 2/19/02
57K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 6pp.

Two Million Workers Will Likely Exhaust Their Regular Unemployment Insurance Benefits in The First Half of 2002
Wendell Primus and Jessica Goldberg
90K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 3pp.

Number of Workers Exhausting Unemployment Insurance Benefits Sets Record Level for a December
43K-HTML, 44K-PDF, 4pp.