The Center�s analyses spotlight major economic developments affecting low- and moderate-income Americans, including trends in poverty, income inequality, employment, wages, and the working poor.  Work includes compiling easy-to-use historical tables and providing same-day analyses of the government�s annual poverty and income data.

Examining the New Census Bureau Data on Poverty, Income, and Health Coverage
... This marks the first time on record that poverty and the incomes of typical working-age households have worsened despite six consecutive years of economic growth. The new data show that in terms of poverty and median income, the economic expansion that started at the end of 2001 was the worst on record. The data provide fresh evidence that the gains from the expansion were quite uneven and flowed primarily to high-income households."   Read more...

Economic Expansion Did Not Reduce Poverty

Statement by Robert Greenstein on 2007 Census Data

Audio Presentation:
This afternoon, the Center held a joint press briefing with the Economic Policy Institute to discuss the key findings in the new Census Bureau data.
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