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Two Tax Cuts Primarily Benefiting Millionaires Will Start Taking Effect January 1; Congress Declines to Rethink These Tax Cuts As It Proposes to Cut Aid to Low-Income Families
Robert Greenstein, Joel Friedman, and Aviva Aron-Dine
HTML, PDF, 5pp.

Study Finds Dividend Tax Cut Failed to Boost Stock Prices
Aviva Aron-Dine
HTML, PDF, 3pp.

The Tax Reform Panel’s Costly Proposal
Jason Furman
HTML, PDF, 4pp.

Capital Gains and Dividend Tax Cuts and Investment
Aviva Aron-Dine
14K-HTML, 32K-PDF, 2pp.

Economic Evidence for Extending Capital Gains and Dividend Tax Cuts Is Weak
Joel Friedman and Aviva Aron-Dine
55K-HTML, 95K-PDF, 8pp.

IRS Data on the Capital Gains Tax Cut in Each State: Data Show Benefits Sharply Skewed To High-Income Filers
Joel Friedman and Katharine Richards
111K-HTML, 39K-PDF, 2pp.

Latest Enrollment Data Still Fail to Dispel Concerns About Health Savings Accounts
Edwin Park and Robert Greenstein
67K-PDF, 10pp.

New IRS Data Show Income Inequality Is Again On The Rise
Isaac Shapiro
47K-HTML, 65K-PDF, 6pp.

Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Cuts Unlikely to Yield Touted Economic Gains: Benefits of These Tax Cuts Flow Disproportionately To The Well-Off
Joel Friedman
Revised 10/7/05
83K-HTML, 78K-PDF, 16pp.

An Estate Tax With A 15 Percent Tax Rate Does Not Represent A Reasonable Compromise
Ruth Carlitz and Joel Friedman
40K-HTML, 95K-PDF, 4pp.

New Tax Cuts Primarily Benefiting Millionaires Slated To Take Effect In January: Should They Be Implemented While Katrina Costs Mount?
Robert Greenstein, Joel Friedman, and Isaac Shapiro
40K-HTML, 95K-PDF, 6pp.

CBPP Statement: Statement of Robert Greenstein on Challenges Facing Congress and the Nation in the Wake of the Devastation of Hurricane Katrina
10K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 2pp.

CBPP Statement: Statement of Robert Greenstein on Tax Cuts in the 2006 Energy Bill
8K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 1pp.

New Kyl Proposal Still Calls For Applying Capital Gains Rate To Estate Tax, So Revenue Loss Would Be Substantial
Joel Friedman and Ruth Carlitz
25K-HTML, 89K-PDF, 4pp.

Greenspan Rejects Estate Tax Repeal Without Offsets
Joel Friedman and Ruth Carlitz
13K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 1pp.

CBO Finds Tiny Number Of Farms Face Estate Tax
Matt Fiedler and Joel Friedman
10K-HTML, 62K-PDF, 1pp.

Deficits Frame Coming Debate On Estate Tax
Ruth Carlitz
22K-HTML, 104K-PDF, 4pp.

Kyl Estate Tax "Compromise" Proposal Extremely Costly; True Cost Likely To Be Masked
Joel Friedman and Ruth Carlitz
13K-HTML, 60K-PDF, 2pp.

The Graetz Tax Reform Plan And The Treatment Of Low-Income Households
Robert Greenstein and Iris Lav
55K-HTML, 90K-PDF, 11pp.

Why The Estate Tax Is Not "Double Taxation"
Ruth Carlitz and Joel Friedman
17K-HTML, 85K-PDF, 3pp.

Cost Of Estate Tax Compliance Does Not Approach The Total Level Of Estate Tax Revenue
Joel Friedman and Ruth Carlitz
13K-HTML, 60K-PDF, 2pp.

Repealing The Alternative Minimum Tax Without Offsetting The Cost Would Add $1.2 Trillion To The Federal Debt Over The Next Decade
James Horney
46K-HTML, 73K-PDF, 10pp.

Ways And Means Social Security Bill Could Include Costly, Poorly Targeted Retirement Tax Proposals
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
19K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 4pp.

President's Savings Proposals Likely To Swell Long-Term Deficits, Reduce National Saving, And Primarily Benefit Those With Substantial Wealth
Robert Greenstein and Joel Friedman
Revised 5/25/05
37K-HTML, 68K-PDF, 7pp.

Boosting Income and Contribution Limits For Pension Savings Would Swell Deficits, Do Little For Middle-Class Families
Joel Friedman, Robert Greenstein
Full Report: 54K-HTML, 59K-PDF, 11pp.
Fact Sheet:
19K-HTML, 52K-PDF, 4pp.

Brief Overview:
Estate Tax "Compromise" May Differ Little From Permanent Repeal
Joel Friedman
14K-HTML, 49K-PDF, 3pp.

Recent Tax and Income Trends among High-Income Taxpayers: Treasury Department Release Creates Misleading Impression about Taxes That High-Income Taxpayers Pay
Joel Friedman, Isaac Shapiro, Robert Greenstein
65K-HTML, 71K-PDF, 9pp.

With Taxes Low and Deficits High, More Tax Cuts Would Be Irresponsible
Joel Friedman and Isaac Shapiro
60K-HTML, 48K-PDF, 3pp.

House to Vote on Permanent Repeal of Estate Tax
Joel Friedman and Arloc Sherman
21K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 4pp.

CBPP Statement: Findings of Tax Foundation's "Tax Freedom Day" Report Should Be Treated with Caution
8K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 1pp.

Tax Foundation Estimates of State and Local Tax Burdens Are Not Reliable
Iris J. Lav, Joseph Llobrera, and Nicholas Johnson
Revised 4/11/05
460K-HTML, 74K-PDF, 12pp.

Tax Foundation Figures Do Not Represent Middle-Income Tax Burdens
Joel Friedman, David Kamin, and Robert Greenstein
34K-HTML, 58K-PDF, 5pp.

Fairness Issues: Robert Greenstein's Testimony before the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform
73K-PowerPoint, 21pp., 44K-PDF, 21pp.

Estate Tax Reform Could Raise Much-Needed Revenue: Some Reform Options With Low Tax Rates Raise Very Little Revenue
Joel Friedman and Ruth Carlitz
123K-HTML, 100K-PDF, 12pp.

Fact Sheet: If Done Properly, Reforming The Estate Tax Could Preserve Much-Needed Revenue
23K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

What New CBO Data Indicate About Long-Term Income Distribution Trends
Isaac Shapiro
33K-HTML, 24K-PDF, 2pp.

Two Tax Cuts That Benefit Only High-Income Households —Primarily Millionaires — Slated To Start Taking Effect In 2006: Will These Tax Cuts Be Implemented While Basic Programs For The Working Poor And Other Families Are Cut?
by Robert Greenstein, Joel Friedman, and Isaac Shapiro
Revised 2/24/05
35K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 5pp.

The 6th Circuit Cuno Decision Voiding Ohio’s Investment Tax Credit: Modest But Helpful "Arms Control" In The "Economic War Between The States"
Michael Mazerov
Summary: 36K-HTML
Full Report: 102K-PDF, 21pp.

Extending the Tax Cuts Would Cost $2.1 Trillion Through 2015
Joel Friedman, Ruth Carlitz, and David Kamin
Revised 2/9/05
50K-HTML, 49K-PDF, 7pp.

The Simple Story: Tax Cuts Lose Revenues
Richard Kogan
13K-HTML, 28K-PDF, 2pp.

States Can Decouple From the “Qualified Production Activities Income” Deduction
Nicholas Johnson and Elizabeth McNichol
90K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 9pp.

President Portrays Social Security Shortfall As Enormous, But His Tax Cuts And Drug Benefit Will Cost At Least Five Times As Much
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 1/10/05
27K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 5pp.