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Thinking About Tax Policy Series

Thinking About Tax Policy, Part 4: Ryan Plan a Costly Step in the Wrong Direction

This series has explained why we need to raise more revenue and why it makes sense to start at the top of the income scale.  The budget from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan goes in exactly the opposite direction — it would cut taxes deeply at the top and raise even less revenue than if we continued all of President Bush’s tax cuts, leading to bigger deficits and worse income inequality.


Thinking About Tax Policy, Part 1: The Most Important Tax Reform Chart

All discussions of tax reform should start with this chart.  Here’s why.

The mantra that tax reform should “broaden the base and lower the rates” — in other words, scale back loopholes and other special tax breaks and use the resulting revenue to pay for cuts in marginal tax rates — is close to conventional wisdom in Washington.   All else being equal, it reflects sound economics.


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