Updated 11/12/08
Policy Points: States in Trouble Due To Economic Downturn
Updated 11/12/08
Facing Deficits, Many States Are Imposing Cuts That Hurt Vulnerable Residents
Updated 11/12/08
State Budget Problems Worsen
Updated 11/12/08
State Revenues Plummet: July-September Revenue Numbers Are Worst in Years
Updated 11/6/08
State Budget Cuts or Tax Increases: Which is Preferable During an Economic Downturn?
Many States Tax Working-Poor Families Deeper into Poverty
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Iris Lav, Deputy Director, Testifies Before House Budget Committee on State Fiscal Problems
Updated 10/10/08
States Face Two Immediate Financial Issues: Short-Term Borrowing and Big Budget Deficits
North Dakota's Measure 2 Is Imbalanced and Would Harm Efforts to Secure State's Economic Future
Caution: The Tax Foundation’s State and Local Tax Rankings Are Unreliable
Updated 8/5/08
29 States Face Total Budget Shortfall of At Least $48 Billion in 2009
States Can Opt Out of the Costly and Ineffective “Domestic Production Deduction” Corporate Tax Break
Updated 7/9/08
Economic Data Can Be Used To Target State Fiscal Relief Effectively
Proponents' Case for a Federally-Imposed Business Activity Tax Nexus Threshold Has Little Merit
Proposed "Business Activity Tax Nexus" Legislation Would Seriously Undermine State Taxes on Corporate Profits and Harm the Economy
Property Tax Limitation in the Senate Housing Bill Is Unnecessary, Impractical, and Likely To Cause Harm
Updated 10/8/08
State Earned Income Tax Credits: 2008 Legislative Update
Suozzi’s Statement Ignores Truth About Massachusetts’ Property Tax Cap
Hidden Consequences: Lessons From Massachusetts for States Considering a Property Tax Cap
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Revised 5/12/08
Eliminating Louisiana's Income Tax Will Harm the State's Budget Outlook, Competitiveness