Updated 11/12/08
Policy Points: States in Trouble Due To Economic Downturn
Updated 11/12/08
Facing Deficits, Many States Are Imposing Cuts That Hurt Vulnerable Residents
Updated 11/12/08
State Budget Problems Worsen
Updated 11/12/08
State Revenues Plummet: July-September Revenue Numbers Are Worst in Years
Iris Lav, Deputy Director, Testifies Before House Budget Committee on State Fiscal Problems
Updated 10/10/08
States Face Two Immediate Financial Issues: Short-Term Borrowing and Big Budget Deficits
Updated 8/5/08
29 States Face Total Budget Shortfall of At Least $48 Billion in 2009
Revised 1/30/08
Senate Rebate Proposal Targets More Funds to Low-Income Households, Boosting Stimulus Impact
14 States Face Total Budget Shortfall of at Least $29 Billion in 2009; 12 Others Expect Budget Problems
Statement by Nicholas Johnson on the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Survey of Fiscal Conditions
State Expenditure Growth Slowing
Revised 11/8/06
State Budgets: On the Edge?
Tax Cuts on Layaway: The Short– and Long-term Fiscal Implications of 2006 State Tax Actions
A “Super” Bad Idea: Requiring a Two-thirds Legislative Supermajority to Raise Taxes Protects Special Interest Tax Breaks and Gives Budget Veto Power to a Small Minority of Legislators
Revisiting State Tax Preferences for Seniors
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Faulty Foundations: State Structural Budget Problems and How to Fix Them
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Tax Cuts and Consequences: The States That Cut Taxes the Most During the 1990s Have Suffered Lately
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