Updated 11/12/08
Policy Points: States in Trouble Due To Economic Downturn
Updated 11/12/08
Facing Deficits, Many States Are Imposing Cuts That Hurt Vulnerable Residents
Updated 11/12/08
State Budget Problems Worsen
Updated 11/12/08
State Revenues Plummet: July-September Revenue Numbers Are Worst in Years
Iris Lav, Deputy Director, Testifies Before House Budget Committee on State Fiscal Problems
Updated 10/10/08
States Face Two Immediate Financial Issues: Short-Term Borrowing and Big Budget Deficits
Key Components of House and Senate Economic Recovery Packages Would Boost the Economy and Provided Needed Relief to Struggling Families
House Stimulus Plan Effectively Targets Relief to States
North Dakota's Measure 2 Would Harm Efforts to Secure State's Economic Future
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Updated 10/10/08
States Face Two Immediate Financial Issues: Short-Term Borrowing and Big Budget Deficits
Updated 8/5/08
29 States Face Total Budget Shortfall of At Least $48 Billion in 2009
Updated 7/9/08
Economic Data Can Be Used To Target State Fiscal Relief Effectively
Fiscal Stimulus at the State Level?
Revised 1/30/08
Senate Rebate Proposal Targets More Funds to Low-Income Households, Boosting Stimulus Impact
14 States Face Total Budget Shortfall of at Least $29 Billion in 2009; 12 Others Expect Budget Problems
Statement by Nicholas Johnson on the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Survey of Fiscal Conditions
State Expenditure Growth Slowing
How Strong Are State Budgets?
Tax Cuts on Layaway: The Short– and Long-term Fiscal Implications of 2006 State Tax Actions
State Revenues and Services Remain Below Pre-Recession Levels
Framing the Choices
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Revised 2/15/05
State Fiscal Crisis Lingers: Cuts Still Loom
States' Heavy Reliance on Spending Cuts and One-Time Measures to Close Their Budget Gaps Leaves Programs at Risk
A Response to GAO’s Criticisms of State Fiscal Grants
Revised 5/12/04
States Face Continuing Fiscal Problems; Evidence from Recent Reports
Revised 4/26/04
Many States Cut Budgets as Fiscal Squeeze Continues
Revised 2/25/04
Fiscal Crisis is Shrinking State Budgets
Revised 2/6/04
State Budget Deficits Projected for Fiscal Year 2005
Revised 11/25/03
State Revenues Have Fallen Dramatically; Tax Increases So Far Have Failed to Fill the Gap
Revised 8/1/03
Did States Spend Their Way Into The Current Fiscal Crisis?
Revised 6/13/03
Using Income Taxes To Address State Budget Shortfalls
State Tax Increases are Necessary to Preserve Basic Services: Background on Options Available to States
Severe State Fiscal Crisis May Be Worsening
The State Fiscal Crisis Was Not Caused By Overspending
Proposed State Medicaid Cuts Would Jeopardize Health Insurance Coverage For 1.7 Million People: An Update