The Center analyzes state budget issues including multi-state trends, the adequacy and equity of tax policies, structural budget issues, and budget transparency.
States and the Weak Economy:
Revenue Numbers Plummet
...state revenue dropped sharply in the July-September 2008 quarter, creating large, additional state budget shortfalls.  All indications are that revenue collections will worsen further in coming months." Read more

Budget Problems Worsen
At least 41 states faced or are facing shortfalls in their budgets for this and/or next year."  Read more

State Budget Gaps

Additional Background
  Policy Points: Overview of States and the Weak Economy
  Many States are Imposing Cuts That Hurt Vulnerable Residents

Policy Points: Four Helpful Hints for States Dealing With Deficits

Fiscal Stimulus at the State Level?

Income Tax Surcharges Can Help States Close Budget Gaps

Itís Time for Many States To Use Their Rainy Day Funds

States Still Granting Net Operating Loss "Carryback" Deductions Should Eliminate Them

How States Can Avoid Revenue Loss From Federal Stimulus

Budget Cuts or Tax Increases at the State Level: Which is Preferable During an Economic Downturn?

TABOR is a state constitutional amendment that limits the growth of revenues or expenditures to a highly restrictive formula- the annual change in population plus inflation- and requires voter approval to override the revenue or spending limits.
The Center also works with states and state nonprofit organizations to develop responsible budget and tax policies that take the needs of low-income families into account. The Center helps build the capacity of State Fiscal Analysis Initiative organizations and other state nonprofit organizations to provide reliable analysis on fiscal policy and budget priorities in their states.

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