Budget Priorities After Hurricane Katrina
As Congress and the Administration consider ways to address the needs of the survivors and the economy, it is crucial that they step back, reconsider current policies, and determine what would best serve the nation.

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 Katrina and the Federal Budget

Reports related to hurricane katrina by category

The Challenges in Response to Hurricane Katrina
The challenges of providing basic assistance to people displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
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The Effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Federal Budget
The budgetary context of congressional action in response to Hurricane Katrina.
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Slide Show: Katrina and The Federal Budget

Key Government Assistance Programs
Basic background information on the key programs that provide health coverage, housing, and food and income assistance to vulnerable populations, and through which many victims of Hurricane Katrina will receive assistance in coming months.
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The State of Low-Income America
The most recent government data on poverty, income, and health insurance in the United States.
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The Katrina Reading Room compiles Hurricane Katrina-related research from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Brookings Institution Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, and the Urban Institute.
It features work in the following areas:
  Progress on Katrina Recovery
Re-Building the Gulf
Emergency Housing Assistance
Other Emergency Response
Overall Disaster Response
Facts: New Orleans and the Gulf Before Katrina
Concentrated Poverty in Other U.S. Cities
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