Missouri's Proposed Voting Requirement Could Disenfranchise More Than 200,000 U.S. Citizens
New Children’s Health Legislation Would Not Allow Any Undocumented Immigrants to Enroll in SCHIP or Medicaid
Charge That Bipartisan SCHIP Compromise Bill Aids Undocumented Immigrants Is False
New Charges About How House Children’s Health Bill Affects Undocumented Immigrants Are False
Medicaid Documentation Requirement Disproportionately Harms Non-Hispanics, New State Data Show: Rule Mostly Hurts U.S. Citizen Children, Not Undocumented Immigrants
Revised 3/13/07
New Medicaid Citizenship Documentation Requirement Is Taking a Toll: States Report Enrollment Is Down and Administrative Costs Are Up
Revised 12/11/06
Administration Policy Change Threatens Health Care Coverage for Poor Infants
Revised 9/28/06
The New Medicaid Citizenship Documentation Requirement: A Brief Overview
Documenting Citizenship and Identity Using Data Matches: A Promising Strategy for State Medicaid Programs
Revised Medicaid Documentation Requirement Jeopardizes Coverage for 1 To 2 Million Citizens
New HHS Regulations Focus Medicaid Documentation Requirement on U.S. Citizen Families
Press Release:
Change in Medicaid Rules “Commendable,” But Further Changes Needed To Prevent Loss of Health Care Coverage by Poor Children and Parents
Children in Foster Care May Have to Delay Health Care Because of Federal Regulations on Citizenship Requirement