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Congressional Actions Would Not Avoid A Non-Social Security Deficit in 2000 But Social Security Would Not Be Raided or Harmed
James Horney and Robert Greenstein
11/1/99, 6pp.

Spending a Non-Existent Surplus
James Horney
Revised 10/26/99, 7pp.

Would Congressional Spending Plans Avert a non-Social Security Deficit? What the CBO Letter Does and Does Not Mean
James Horney
10/6/99, 5pp.

The House Leadership's Proposal to Delay EITC Payments
11K Robert Greenstein
9/29/99, 3pp.

A Small Non-Social Security Deficit In Fiscal Year 2000 Would Not Adversely Affect Social Security
Robert Greenstein and James Horney
9/17/99, 2pp.

Congressional Action Points to a Non-Social Security Deficit of More than $20 Billion in Fiscal Year 2000: Actions Undercut Credibility of Promise to Finance the Tax Bill with Large Reductions in Appropriated Programs
James Horney and Robert Greenstein
8/12/99, 10pp.

Beyond The Rhetoric: What The Clinton Budget And The Republican Budget Plan Really Propose For Appropriated: Is the Administration Proposing Substantial New Spending?
James Horney and Robert Greenstein
8/5/99, 4pp.

VA-HUD Appropriations Bill Would Cut Low-Income Housing And Other Programs To Help Pave The Way For An Unaffordable Tax Cut
Jeff Lubell
8/3/99, 4pp.

Roth Tax Cut Would Cost Over $2 Trillion in Second 10 Years
Iris J. Lav
7/19/99, 2pp.

Much of the Projected Non-Social Security Surplus Is a Mirage: Vast Majority of Surplus Rests on Assumptions of Deep Cuts in Domestic Programs that Are Unlikely to Occur
Sam Elkin and Robert Greenstein
Revised 7/12/99, 9pp.

Much of the Projected Non-Social Security Surplus Is a Mirage: Large Majority of Surplus Rests on Assumptions of Deep Cuts in Discretionary Programs that No One Expects to Occur
Sam Elkin and Robert Greenstein
7/1/99, 4pp.

Military Pay and Pensions Proposal
4/29/99, 9pp.

Without Reductions in Discretionary Programs, There Would Be Little Budget Surplus Outside Social Security: In Effect, Tax Cut Proposals are Financed by Cutting Discretionary Programs
Sam Elkin
3/23/99, 4pp.

The Republican Budget Proposals
Robert Greenstein
3/19/99, 15pp.

Republican Tax Plan Risks New On-Budget Deficits After 2009
Iris J. Lav and Sam Elkin
3/17/99, 2pp.

The TANF Block Grant Should Not Be Cut
3/11/99, 4pp.

Wendell Primus' Testimony on Tax Cuts
Wendell Primus
3/4/99, 7pp.

Social Security Testimony of Wendell Primus
Wendell Primus
3/1/99, 13pp.

Should a Portion of Social Security Benefits Be Invested in Equities?
Robert Greenstein
2/23/99, 15pp.

Federal Debt: What Matters and Why
Peter Orszag and Robert Greenstein
2/22/99, 9pp.

Military Pensions and Pay Bill Would Be Very Costly
Robert Greenstein
2/19/99, 7pp.

Testimony of Robert Greenstein on Social Security
Robert Greenstein
2/9/99, 3pp.

Analysis of Clinton Administration FY 2000 Budget Proposal: How Big Is the Federal Government and Would the Administration's Budget Make it Bigger?
Robert Greenstein and Sam Elkin
2/2/99, 14pp.