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Despite Increases in Tax Receipts, Archer Tax Bill Would Be Funded with Social Security Revenues
Sam Elkin and Robert Greenstein
9/25/98, 2pp.

The Budget Surplus, Tax Cuts, and Social Security (a.k.a.: What Surplus?)
Sam Elkin and Robert Greenstein
Revised 8/3/98, 10pp. 98-099, $3.00

The House Budget Resolution Threatens Health Care Programs for Low-Income Families and Elderly and Disabled People
Cindy Mann and Jocelyn Guyer
7/15/98, 13pp. 98-091, $4.00

House Budget Contains Large Cuts in Low-Income Mandatory Programs Not Included in the Senate Budget
Robert Greenstein and Sam Elkin
6/12/98, 2pp. 98-080, $3.00

The Impact of the Kasich Budget Plan
Robert Greenstein and Sam Elkin
5/19/98, 12pp.

Using IRA Tax Break To Fund IRS Reform Leaves Revenue Hole When Baby Boomers Retire
Iris J. Lav
5/15/98, 8pp. 98-058, $3.00

Highway Bill Likely to Cut into Funding for Other Non-Defense Discretionary Programs
Sam Elkin and Robert Greenstein
Revised 5/4/98, 11pp. 98-051, $4.00

Understanding the Financial Status of the Social Security System in Light of the 1998 Trustee's Report
Wendell Primus, Kilolo Kijakazi, Robert Greenstein
4/98, 5pp. 98-037, $5.00

Would Using the Budget Surplus For Tax Cuts or Entitlement Expansions Affect Long-Term Social Security Solvency?
Kilolo Kijakazi and Wendell Primus
3/98, 17pp. 98-026, $4.00

Strengths of the Safety Net: How the EITC, Social Security, and Other Government Programs Affect Poverty
Kathy Porter, Wendell Primus, Lynette Rawlings, Esther Rosenbaum
3/98, 80pp. 98-024, $10.00

Would the Proposed National Tobacco Settlement Compensate the Federal Government Adequately for Tobacco-Related Health Care Costs
Andy Schneider and Sara Thom
2/98, 7pp. 98-010, $3.00

How Big Is the Federal Government - And Would the Administration's Budget Make it Bigger?
Robert Greenstein, Isaac Shapiro, and Samuel Elkin
2/98, 14pp. 98-003, $4.00

Federal Government Would Continue to Consume Less of Economy Under Administration's Budget
Robert Greenstein
Revised 2/98, 5pp. 98-011, $3.00

The Proposed National Tobacco Settlement and Recovery of Federal Health Care Costs
Andy Schneider and Sara Thom
Revised, 2/98, 7pp. 98-010, $3.00