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The Tobacco Settlements: Do All of the Medicaid Recoveries Belong to the States?
Andy Schneider and Sara Thom
Revised, 12/97, 14pp. 97-146, $5.00

Overview of the Medicaid Provisions in the Balanced Budget Act of 1997
Andy Schneider
9/97, pp. 97-120, $10.00

Trends in the Distribution of After-Tax Income: An Analysis of Congressional Budget Office Data
Isaac Shapiro and Robert Greenstein
9/97, 9pp. 97-115, $3.00

The Final Tax Bill: Assessing the Long-Term Costs And the Distribution of Tax Benefits
Iris J. Lav
8/97, 10pp. 97-108, $3.00

Looking at the Details of the New Budget Legislation: Social Program Initiatives Decline Over Time While Upper-Income Tax Cuts Grow
Robert Greenstein
8/97, 14pp. 97-114, $4.00

The Tax and Entitlement Changes Approved by House Committees: The Impact on Families in Different Income Categories
Wendell Primus and Kathryn Larin
6/97, 36pp. 97-074, $7.00

The Administration's Proposals To Ease Some of the Welfare Law's Harshest Provisions
Robert Greenstein and Wendell Primus
4/97, 18pp. 97-027, $4.00

The Coalition Budget and Low-Income Households
4/97, 30pp. 97-029, $7.00

Senate Leadership Tax Proposals: Mushrooming Tax Cuts for High-Income Taxpayers Would Jeopardize Long-Term Budget Integrity
Iris J. Lav
3/97, 53pp. 97-012, $7.00

Is the Clinton Budget a "Big Tax, Big Spend" Budget?
Robert Greenstein and Sam Elkin
2/97, 7pp. 97-011, $4.00

Fighting the Last War: The Nation's Track Record in Controlling Deficits Without the Balanced Budget Amendment
Richard Kogan
1/97, 9pp. 97-005, $4.00

Bearing Most of the Burden: How Deficit Reduction During the 104th Congress Concentrated on Programs for the Poor
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan and Marion Nichols
12/96, 25pp. 96-095, $5.00

Correction of Flaw in Taxpayer Group Vote Tally Shows All Members of Congress Voted to Cut Spending
Karen Lightfoot and Robert Greenstein
9/96, 16pp. 96-084, $4.00

Methodological Flaws Plague Latest National Tax Union Analysis
Karen Lightfoot and Jeff McLynch

9/96, 11pp. 96-085, $4.00

Budget Reductions Under the Dole Tax Plan: Where and How Much
Richard Kogan
9/96, 13pp. 96-080, $4.00

The New Congressional Budget Plan: Simply Slowing the Rate of Growth?
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
7/96, 7pp. 96-049, $3.00

The Budgetary Context for Changes in Safety Net Programs
Robert Greenstein
6/96, 15pp. 96-024, $4.00

The 4.3 Cent Gas Tax, "Tax Freedom Day," and the Minimum Wage
5/96, 3pp. 96-042, $3.00

Assessing the Plans to Balance the Budget: What are the Effects on Low-Income Programs?
Isaac Shapiro, Richard Kogan, Robert Greenstein and Marion Nichols
2/96, 17pp. 96-002, $4.00

Still Holding the Bag: State and Local Governments are Squeezed in the Budget Plan Passed by Congress
Iris J. Lav and Richard May
11/95, 15pp. 95-148, $4.00

Will Corporate Welfare Be Reined In? Congressional Action Related to Business Subsidies
11/95, 16pp. 95-123, $4.00

Reconciliation Bill Tax Breaks for Upper-Income Taxpayers Mushroom After 2002
Iris J. Lav
11/95, 7pp. 95-144, 3.00

The Budget Resolution Conference Agreement
Pauline Abernathy
8/95, 8pp. 95-083, 4.00

How Much Do We Spend on "Welfare"?
Sharon Parrott
8/95, 13pp. 95-032, $4.00

An Unraveling Consensus?: An Analysis of the Effect of the New Congressional Agenda on the Working Poor
Isaac Shapiro and Sharon Parrott
7/95, 52pp. 95-093, $8.00

62 Percent of Enacted Rescission Bill Hits Low-Income Programs
Pauline Abernathy
7/95, 5pp. 95-002, $3.00

Assessing the First 100 Days: The Combined Distributional Effects of the House Spending and Tax Proposals
Isaac Shapiro, Richard Kogan and Pauline Abernathy
4/95, 22pp. 95-040, $6.00

The Clinton Budget
Robert Greenstein, Richard Kogan and Pauline Abernathy
2/95, 8pp. 95-022, $4.00

Holding the Bag: The Effect on State and Local Governments of the Emerging Fiscal Agenda in the 104th Congress
Iris Lav and Jim St. George
1/95, 31pp. 95-018, $8.00

The New Fiscal Agenda: What Will it Mean and How Will it Be Accomplished?
1/95, 30pp. 95-005, 10.00

What is a Spending Cut? An Analysis of Alternative Concepts
Richard Kogan
1/95, 12pp. 95-014, $4.00

The Contract With America Proposal: Assessing the Long-Term Impact
Iris Lav, Cindy Mann and Pauline Abernathy
11/94, 30pp. 94-021, $6.00

Budget Control Devices and Health Care Reform
David Super
11/94, 23pp. 94-018, $3.00

Rating Members of Congress on Spending: Do the National Taxpayers Union Ratings Represent a Legitimate Measure?
10/94, 14pp. 94-011, 4.00

Life Under the Spending Caps: The Clinton Fiscal Year 1995 Budget
Paul Leonard and Robert Greenstein
4/94, 36pp. 94-007, $10.00

The National Performance Review
Robert Greenstein
9/93, 12pp. 93-006, $5.00

The New Budget Reconciliation Law: Progressive Deficit Reduction And Critical Social Investments
Paul Leonard and Robert Greenstein
8/93, 20pp. 93-014, $7.00

A New Direction: The Clinton Budget and Economic Plan
Robert Greenstein and Paul Leonard
3/93, 64pp. 93-00, $10.00

One Step Forward: The Deficit Reduction Package of 1990
Robert Greenstein and Paul Leonard
11/90, 45pp. 90-011, $6.00