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Administration Budget Would Cut Low-Income Programs During Downturn
John Springer
10K-HTML, 34K-PDF, 1pp.

Will Congress Reduce Funding For Domestic Programs Outside Homeland Security?
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
131K-PDF, 96K-PDF, 12pp.

The New Congressional Budget Office Forecast And the Remarkable Deterioration of the Surplus
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
38K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 4pp.

An Examination of Recent Budget and Economic Projections by the Congressional Budget Office
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 9/3/02
121K-HTML, 45K-PDF, 7pp.

What OMB'S Mid-Session Review Tells Us - And What It Obscures
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 8/14/02
159K-HTML, 87K-PDF, 13pp.

Costs of the Tax Cut and of a Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

Richard Kogan
28K-HTML, 54K-PDF, 7pp.

What If Congress Cannot Agree on a Congressional Budget Plan?
Richard Kogan
42K-HTML, 66K-PDF, 11pp.

The Cost of The Tax Cut Compared With The Costs of Various Federal Agencies
Richard Kogan
6K-HTML, 42K-PDF, 1pp.

The Administration's Proposal to Make The Tax Cut Permanent
Joel Friedman, Robert Greenstein, and Richard Kogan
Revised 4/16/02
52K-HTML, 127K-PDF, 13pp.

Fact Sheet: The Administration's Proposal to Make the Tax Cut Permanent
9K-HTML, 37K-PDF, 2pp.

A Comparison of The Senate And House Budget Plans - Senate Budget Committee Plan Surpasses House Plan in Realism and Fiscal Prudence But Still Has Shortcomings
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
73K-HTML, 88K-PDF, 15pp.

Analysis of the House Budget Plan
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
Revised 3/25/02
52K-HTML, 69K-PDF, 11pp.

The Administration's Proposed Millennium Fund - While Significant - Would Lift Foreign Aid to Just 0.13 Percent of GDP
Isaac Shapiro and David Weiner
45K-HTML, 65K-PDF, 8pp.

Charitable Deduction for Taxpayers Who Do Not Itemize: Proposal Raises Concerns about Effectiveness and Cost
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
76K-HTM, 96K-PDF, 19pp.

How Does the Proposed Level of Foreign Economic Aid under the Bush Budget Compare with Historical Levels?
Isaac Shapiro and Nancy Birdsall
Revised 3/20/02
47K-HTML, 63K-PDF, 8pp.

Latest Data Show WIC Program Will Badly Need Supplemental Funding in FY 2002
Robert Greenstein and Sandra Clark
Revised 3/12/02
14K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 4pp.

Costs And Tradeoffs of Social Security Benefit Guarantee Certificates
Kilolo Kijakazi
8K-HTML, 36K-PDF, 2pp.

Can Congress Balance the 2003 Budget?
Richard Kogan
26K-HTML, 47K-PDF, 6pp.

New Data Show That a Record Number of Workers - 356,000 Individuals - Exhausted Their Unemployment Benefits in 1/Without Receiving Additional Weeks of Benefits
Wendell Primus and Jessica Goldberg
38K-HTML, 41K-PDF, 4pp.

House Avoids Clean Extension of Unemployment Benefits as 80,000 Unemployed Workers Exhaust Their Benefits Each Week
Wendell Primus, Isaac Shapiro and Jessica Goldberg
Revised 2/19/02
57K-HTML, 50K-PDF, 6pp.

Administration's Budget Includes Additional Health Tax Cuts That Primarily Benefit Higher-Income Individuals
Edwin Park
14K-HTML, 40K-PDF, 4pp.

President's Budget Uses Accounting Devices And Implausible Assumptions to Hide Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Costs
Robert Greenstein
Revised 2/5/02
10K-HTML, 33K-PDF, 3pp.

Health Insurance Proposals in Administration's Budget Could Weaken the Employer-Based Health Insurance System
Edwin Park
29K-HTML, 56K-PDF, 8pp.

The Administration's Proposal to Make The Tax Cut Permanent
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
42K-HTML, 64K-PDF, 11pp.

The New CBO Projections: What Do They Tell Us?
Richard Kogan, Robert Greenstein, and Joel Friedman
Revised 1/29/02
29K-HTML, 51K-PDF, 8pp.

What Happened to The Surplus? Detecting Misleading Figures And Avoiding Being "Spun"
Richard Kogan and Robert Greenstein
49K-HTML, 66K-PDF, 10pp.

Debate over Causes of Deterioration of Surplus Marred by Failure to Distinguish Between Short-Term and Long-Term Impacts
Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
Revised 1/17/02
67K-HTML, 49K-PDF, 6pp