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Statement: Robert Greenstein and Chad Stone on the Senate-Passed Financial Rescue Legislation

The House should quickly approve the financial rescue plan that the Senate approved in strong bipartisan fashion yesterday. Further delay would leave the U.S. economy increasingly vulnerable to a contraction more severe than any since the 1930s — one that could trigger large increases in unemployment and poverty and the loss of a sizeable portion of many families’ retirement savings…

"The Senate-approved plan is far from perfect… The bottom line, however, is that the potential consequences of defeating this legislation are far too grave to ignore…" Read More

How Projected Surpluses Became Deficits: Main Causes Were Tax Cuts and Higher Security Spending

How Legislation Enacted Since 2001 Contributed to Deficit for 2009 The federal budget is projected to run a $546 billion deficit in 2009, compared to the $710 billion surplus that budget experts projected for 2009 back when President Bush took office nearly eight years ago.  [That represents a] $1.3 trillion deterioration in the nation’s fiscal finances for 2009…" Read more

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- Where Do Our Tax Dollars Go?
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Comparing the cost and growth of 5 bills Bush will likely sign and 7 bills Bush with likely veto

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