The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal tax benefit for low and moderate-income workers who are eligible for and claim the credit. The credit reduces the impact of payroll and income taxes paid by these workers, supplements the earnings of very low-wage workers, and may be returned in the form of an IRS refund check.

Many families with children who qualify for the EITC may also be eligible for the Child Tax Credit (CTC), which reduces federal income tax liability. Some low-wage families who don't earn enough to owe income tax may still qualify for a CTC refund.

The kit contains up-to-date fact sheets on the EITC and the Child Tax Credit, including new information on how workers with disabilities and families raising children with disabilities may take advantage of these credits. Helpful changes in rules affecting military families are also highlighted. It includes promotional materials (posters, flyers, envelope stuffers) in English and Spanish, sample tax forms and a comprehensive guide full of ideas on how to run a successful outreach campaign to reach workers eligible for these valuable tax credits and how to link them to free tax filing assistance. View the kit.
The value of the EITC is based on earnings and the number of children, if any, raised by a worker.  The "2007 Earned Income Tax Credit Estimator" gives you a quick way to figure how much the EITC might be worth to a family.


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