EIC Outreach Tools in Spanish and English
-Envelope Stuffer

Forms from the
IRS' website:

-Schedule EIC
-1040 Instructions
-Form 8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit)

-EIC Reports

How much is the EIC worth?
The value of the EIC is based on earnings and the number of children, if any, raised by a worker.  The "2005 Earned Income Tax Credit Estimator" gives you a quick way to figure how much the EIC might be worth to a family.

10 Ways to Promote the Tax Credits

These handouts present ideas for how various types of organizations and institutions can reach out to workers eligible for the EIC and the CTC

10 Ways for Businesses

10 Ways for Early Childhood Programs

10 Ways for Job Training Programs

10 Ways for Colleges or Universities

10 Ways for Housing Groups
  "The updated Make Tax Time Pay Outreach Kit for 2007 is now available for order at [email protected]. The new Kit will be posted shortly to this site, which now features the Outreach Kit distributed for the 2006 tax filing season."

2006 Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit Outreach Kit

If you are having difficulty accessing these PDF files, right-click on the underlined text, click "Save Link/Target As," download to your directory, and open document in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Welcome Letter/Table of Contents, 2pp. PDF

Facts About Tax Credits for Working Families, 28pp. PDF

Strategies for Promoting Tax Credits for Working Families, 40pp. PDF

Opportunities for Linking Workers to Free Tax Help and Asset Development, 28pp. PDF

Updated IRS Territory Manager List, 2pp. PDF

Katrina Survivors and the Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit, 2pp. PDF

EIC Participation for Tax Year 2004 and 2003, 2pp. PDF

EIC and CTC Benefit Amounts, 2pp. PDF

State Earned Income Credits and Child and Dependent Care Benefits, 2pp. PDF

Why Pay When You Can Get Your Taxes Done for Free?, 2pp. PDF

Organizations may order a free copy of this kit at [email protected]. Additional kits and color posters can be ordered for a minimal charge at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities at [email protected] or 202-408-1080.


The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has obtained translations of an EIC and Child Tax Credit brochure, with the help of partner organizations, for the languages most requested. We have updated the translations to include EIC and CTC eligibility information for 2005. We hope these will assist you in conducting outreach to the various communities you are serving. As with all the materials in our Tax Credit Outreach Kit, you are free to duplicate and distribute these translated materials. Please note that these translations are based on the two-page brochure in English and Spanish included in our Kit (and posted at this site). However, there are some differences in graphics and phrasing because of later changes to that brochure.

Each translation posted here has a identifier code at the bottom left of each side.  Please note that these files are fairly large and may take a few moments to download.  Currently, our translations include Arabic (ARA), Amharic/Ethiopian (ETH), Bosnian (BOS), Cambodian (CB), Chinese (CH), Farsi (FAR), French (FRCH), Haitian‑Creole (HC), Hmong (HMG), Italian (ITAL), Korean (KOR), Laotian (LAO), Polish (POL), Portugese (POR), Russian (RUS), Somali (SOM), Tagalog (TAG), Ukrainian (UK), and Vienamese (VN).

If there are other languages for which it would be important for you to have translations to distribute, please let us know. It is expensive for us to produce and print the translations, so we do this only for languages for which we receive sufficient requests.

For more information:

Learn more about the DC Earned Income Tax Credit

Interested in starting or improving a free tax preparation program in your community? Visit the National Community Tax Coalition Technical Assistance Website.