Updated February 11, 2003

Protecting State Revenue By Decoupling from Federal Tax Legislation

ArrowWhy States Should Act Now to Preserve Their Estate and Inheritance Taxes
by Elizabeth McNichol and Joseph Llobrera
Arrow States Can Avert the Loss of Revenue from Federal Estate Tax Repeal
by John Springer
ArrowMany States Are Decoupling from Federal "Bonus Depreciation" Tax Cut
by Nicholas Johnson
ArrowMany States Are Decoupling from the Federal Estate Tax Cut
by Elizabeth McNichol and Daniel Tenny
ArrowCombined Federal And State Estate Taxes Will Decline For The Vast Majority of Estates Even When a State Decouples from the Federal Estate Tax Cut
by Daniel Tenny
ArrowStates Can Retain Their Estate Taxes Even as the Federal Estate Tax Is Phased Out
by Elizabeth C. McNichol, Iris J. Lav and Daniel Tenny
ArrowPreserving State Revenue From The Effects of Recent Federal Legislation
by Iris J. Lav, Elizabeth McNichol, and Nicholas Johnson
ArrowStates Can Avoid Substantial Revenue Loss by Decoupling from New Federal Tax Provision
by Nicholas Johnson
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