August 24, 2005


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The funding calculator is designed for use by housing agencies and others with access to detailed data on state and local voucher programs.  The calculator estimates how much voucher renewal funding a particular housing agency would receive under versions of the 2006 HUD appropriations bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and by the Senate Appropriations Committee, how many vouchers that funding is likely to support, and how many vouchers the agency may be required to cut.

These estimates are likely to be more accurate than the CBPP estimates available on the internet at, because housing agencies will have data that are more recent than the data we had access to at the time we conducted our analysis.  In order to help us better understand the likely effects of the bill, we would be interested in receiving completed calculators from users.  If you are willing to share your results please save the filled-in calculator and e-mail it to [email protected].

To calculate funding and cut levels, users should enter data into the cells shaded yellow.  Some users may wish to enter their own data in the additional cells that are shaded blue.  These cells are set up to estimate per-unit costs using default formulas and the information provided by users in the yellow cells.  Users who have access to local information that enables them to estimate per-unit costs more accurately can simply enter estimates in these cells like they did in the yellow cells.  The remaining cells (shaded green) contain formulas that automatically calculate funding outcomes under the provisions of the House and Senate bills.  A more detailed explanation of how to use the calculator is contained in the worksheet labeled “instructions” in the calculator spreadsheet.

For additional information on the House and Senate bills and the issues they raise, see  Except where users are entering new data, the calculator makes the same assumptions regarding the implementation of the House and Senate bills as CBPP’s estimates.  For additional information on those assumptions, see

Agencies Facing Special Circumstances

Two groups of state and local housing agencies face special circumstances that affect the interpretation of the calculator results: