Revised May 1, 2003

President’s Budget Cuts Housing Vouchers
for Low-Income Families

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 A new analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, entitled President’s Budget Requests Insufficient Funding for Housing Vouchers in 2004, describes several weaknesses in the President’s fiscal year 2004 budget request for the housing voucher program.*  Although the voucher program is the cornerstone of federal housing assistance for low-income families, it serves only a fraction of those in need; currently, about five million low-income households that receive no housing assistance either pay more than half of their income for rent and utilities or live in severely substandard rental housing.  The Administration’s budget request would exacerbate this problem.  The budget request:

The Center’s analysis concludes that given the voucher program’s proven record of success in aiding low-income families, and given the growing need for affordable housing, Congress should increase the program’s funding level beyond the Administration’s request to a level sufficient to renew all existing vouchers that may be in use in 2004 and to provide a more reasonable number of incremental vouchers than the 5,500 requested by the Administration.  The analysis also concludes that the proposal to grant the HUD Secretary sweeping and unfettered discretion to waive acts of Congress is ill-advised and that there is no sound reason to undo the balanced policy on minimum rents that is reflected in current law.

End Note:

* The budget also proposes to convert the voucher program into a block grant.  See the Center’s website for analyses on this topic.