Updated June 2001

Fact Sheets Examining Recent Analyses of Tax and Budget Issues

View Recent Analyses of the Administration's Tax and Budget Proposals

How Much of The Surplus Remains After The Tax Cut?
Richard Kogan, Robert Greenstein, and Joel Friedman

https://www.cbpp.org/6-27-01bud.htm (13K)
https://www.cbpp.org/6-27-01bud.pdf (32K)

The Myth of the 4 Percent Spending Increase: A Closer Look Shows the Bush Budget Cuts Domestic Appropriations
by Richard Kogan

https://www.cbpp.org/4-13-01bud-facts.pdf (34K)
https://www.cbpp.org/4-13-01bud-facts.htm (6K)

Lower-Cost Estate Tax Repeal Reflects Slow Phase-In
by Joel Friedman

https://www.cbpp.org/4-4-01tax.pdf (15K)
https://www.cbpp.org/4-4-01tax.htm (5K)

Following the Money:  The Admistration's Budget Priorities
by Robert Greenstein

https://www.cbpp.org/4-3-01bud-facts.pdf (24K)
https://www.cbpp.org/4-3-01bud-facts.htm (18K)

Cost of Tax Cut Would More Than Double to $5 Trillion in Second Ten Years
by Richard Kogan, Joel Friedman, and Robert Greenstein

https://www.cbpp.org/4-2-01tax-short.pdf (25K)
https://www.cbpp.org/4-2-01tax-short.htm (8K)

Tax Cuts Vs. Spending Increases:   Is There a Basis for Chairman Greenspan's Preference for Tax Cuts?
by Jason Furman and Peter Orszag

https://www.cbpp.org/3-27-01tax.pdf (75K)
https://www.cbpp.org/3-27-01tax.htm (11K)

How to Avoid Over-Committing the Available Surplus: Would a Tax-Cut "Trigger" Be Effective or Is There a Better Way?
by Richard Kogan

https://www.cbpp.org/3-21-01bud.pdf (15K)
https://www.cbpp.org/3-21-01bud.htm (6K)

Marginal Tax Rate Reductions and the Economy: What Would Be the Long-Term Effects of the Bush Tax Cut?
by Peter Orszag

https://www.cbpp.org/3-19-01tax.pdf (21K)
https://www.cbpp.org/3-19-01tax.htm (9k)

Income Tax Rates and High-Income Taxpayers:  How Strong Is the Case for Major Rate Reductions?
by Isaac Shapiro and Joel Friedma

https://www.cbpp.org/3-8-01tax.pdf (18K)
https://www.cbpp.org/3-8-01tax.htm (8K)

In Many States, One-Third to One-Half of Families Would Not Benefit from Bush Tax Plan
by Nick Johnson, Allen Dupree, and Isaac Shapiro

https://www.cbpp.org/3-6-01tax-pr.pdf (23K)
https://www.cbpp.org/3-6-01tax-pr.htm (14K)

Is the House Tax Bill Necessary to Avoid a Recession?
by Peter Orszag

https://www.cbpp.org/2-22-01recshort.pdf (14K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-22-01recshort.htm (4K)

4,500 Very Large Estates Would Receive as Much in Annual Tax Reductions under Bush Plan as 140 Million Americans
by Isaac Shapiro, Iris J. Lav, and James Sly

https://www.cbpp.org/2-26-01tax-pr.pdf (10K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-26-01tax2-pr.htm (7K)

The Latest IRS Data on After-Tax Income Trends
by Isaac Shapiro

https://www.cbpp.org/2-26-01tax-pr.pdf (10K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-26-01tax-pr.htm (37K)

"The Peril of Zero Debt" and the Long-Term Budgetary Outlook: Some Questions Regarding Chairman Greenspan's Recent Testimony
by Peter Orszag

https://www.cbpp.org/2-22-01zeroshort.pdf (18K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-22-01zeroshort.htm (1K)

Those $1,600 Tax Cut Checks
by Isaac Shapiro and Robert Greenstein

https://www.cbpp.org/2-21-01cutshort.pdf (16K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-21-01cutshort.htm (7K)

More Than Half of Black and Hispanic Families Would Not Benefit From Bush Tax Cut

https://www.cbpp.org/2-15-01tax-pr.pdf (22K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-15-01tax-pr.htm (8K)

An Estimated 12 Million Low- and Moderate-Income Families, with 24 Million Children,
Would Not Benefit from Bush Tax Plan
by Isaac Shapiro, Allen Dupree and James Sly

https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01leftoutshort.pdf (16K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01leftoutshort.htm (5K)

How Would Families at Different Income Levels Benefit from the Bush Tax Cut?
by Robert Greenstein

https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01inclvlshort.pdf (15K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01inclvlshort.htm (5K)

How the Bush Tax Cut Compares in Size To the Reagan Tax Cuts
by Peter R. Orszag

https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01reaganshort.pdf (15K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01reaganshort.htm (7K)

Cost of the Bush Tax Cut Rises, Making Rate Cuts Retroactive Adds $400 Billion
by Robert Greenstein

https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01costshort.pdf (17K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01costshort.htm (6K)

Taking Down the Toll Booth to the Middle Class?
Myth and Reality Governing the Bush Tax Plan and Lower-Income Working Families
by Robert Greenstein and Isaac Shapiro

https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01tollboothshort.pdf (16K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01tollboothshort.htm (6K)

Estate Tax Repeal: A Costly Windfall for the Wealthiest Americans
by Iris J. Lav and Joel Friedman

https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01estateshort.pdf (14K)
https://www.cbpp.org/2-7-01estateshort.htm (5K)

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