Updated April 15, 2002

Analyzing the Bush FY 2003 Budget

Arrow Fact Sheet: The Administration's Proposal to Make the Tax Cut Permanent
John Springer
Arrow The TANF-Related Provisions in the President's Budget
Sharon Parrott
Arrow Administration’s Budget Includes Additional Health Tax Cuts That Primarily Benefit Higher-Income Individuals
Edwin Park
Arrow President’s Budget Uses Accounting Devices And Implausible Assumptions to Hide Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Costs
Robert Greenstein
Arrow The Administration's Proposal to Make The Tax Cut Permanent
by Joel Friedman and Robert Greenstein
Arrow The Kyl Amendment to Lock in Permanent Repeal of The Estate Tax
by Joel Friedman
Arrow Health Insurance Proposals in Administration's Budget Could Weaken The Employer-Based Health Insurance System
by Edwin Park
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