October 12, 2004


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The state tables linked to the map above compare final 2005 HUD Fair Market Rents (FMRs) issued October 1, 2004 for two-, three- and four-bedroom housing units to the fiscal year 2004 levels in each county.

The tables show disproportionate reductions in FMRs for three- and four-bedroom units in many areas. For information on the change in HUD's FMR calculations that led to these reductions and the consequences for large families, see www.cbpp.org/10-12-04hous.htm.

Nationally, HUD data show the following distribution of vouchers by bedroom size:

Zero-bedroom - 1 percent Three-bedroom - 30 percent
One-bedroom - 23 percent Four-bedroom - 6 percent
Two-bedroom - 37 percent Five or more bedrooms - 1 percent

These percentages vary substantially from one part of the country to another. For information on the proportion of families in the housing voucher program in particular states and local areas who live in units of different sizes, go to http://pic.hud.gov/pic/RCRPublic/rcrmain.asp, select "S8 Certificate and Voucher" as the program type, select the geographic area and select the tab for "House Size."

In many areas the final 2005 FMRs published on October 1, 2004 are substantially different from the proposed 2005 FMRs that HUD released on August 6. For data comparing the final 2005 FMRs to both the 2004 FMRs and the proposed 2005 FMRs, see http://www.nlihc.org/2005fmrs/nationwide.xls.  That link also provides information on FMRs for efficiencies and one-bedroom housing units.