Poverty and Inequality

A Frayed and Fragmented System of Supports for Low-Income Adults Without Minor Children

The nation’s basic supports for low-income, non-elderly adults without children are weak, fragmented, and often highly restrictive, leaving many of these individuals without help they need to afford the basics.

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As part of Policy Futures, we examine "what works" when it comes to federal and state policies and programs to reduce poverty and promote opportunity for low-income Americans. This page highlights reports, blog posts and other materials that synthesize and amplify the work of poverty researchers around the country on program effectiveness.

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Policy Basics

Reducing poverty and inequality and improving opportunity are major national challenges.  

We analyze economic developments affecting low- and moderate-income Americans, including trends in poverty and income inequality.  In addition, we analyze the extent to which the safety net is reaching people in need, and we promote its successes of recent decades.

Hardship Remains High, Latest Census Data Show

Hardship remains high across the board although some measures halted their upward trend in early January, Census data released today show. Millions of people report that their household didn’t get...