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Policy Basics

State policymakers often lack the information to make good budget decisions, and most state tax systems are out of date for a 21st century economy.

We encourage states to improve their long-term planning through such tools as multi-year revenue and spending forecasts, pension oversight, and rainy day funds. We also encourage states to modernize their tax bases so they can adequately fund education, infrastructure, and other priorities to build their economies.

A State Roadmap for Broadly Shared Prosperity

As state lawmakers consider policy issues that could profoundly affect economic opportunities in communities across the country, they have a fundamental choice: whether to provide the resources to...

6 Ways to Improve State Budgeting

A new report from The Volcker Alliance, headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, outlines six ways states can write budgets that keep the future more in mind. It’s timely advice: ...

Top 5 (+1) State Tax Charts

As we approach Tax Day, these six charts put state taxes — and the programs those taxes fund — into context. More than half of state tax dollars go to fund education (K-12 and higher education)...