CBPP Press Call: Higher Ed Funds at Risk Amid COVID-19 Recession

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities will hold a press call on Wednesday, February 17 at 2:30pm p.m. (ET) to examine the troubling trend of deep, harmful state cuts to higher education – making college less accessible, especially for students with low incomes and students of color. In advance of the call, the Center will release a report with 50-state data on higher education funding.

The call comes as states across the country are facing large revenue shortfalls, which are deepening cuts to higher education. Already, 27 states have imposed cuts and institutions across the country are seeing declining enrollment, especially from low-income students and students at community colleges. However, there is still time for states to choose a better path that prioritizes people and communities and the state’s long-term future.

Speakers will discuss:

  • Why states must not make the same mistakes they made after the Great Recession, when they sharply cut higher education funding;
  • How the COVID-19 recession has impacted higher education;
  • The vastly disproportionate impact of higher education funding cuts on students of color and low-income students; and
  • What states can do both now and in the future to make college more affordable and accessible.


  • Victoria Jackson, Senior Policy Analyst for State Fiscal Policy, CBPP
  • David Lujan, Director, The Arizona Center for Economic Progress

After opening remarks, the panelists will take questions.

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** This call is for media only **