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Teresa LaMaster

Executive Vice President for Operations


Teresa LaMaster joined the Center in 2015, bringing extensive operational leadership experience from a wide range of organizations and institutions. As Executive Vice President for Operations, she provides leadership and oversight to the finance, administration, human resources and information technology functions of the Center, and is responsible for working with the Center’s programmatic areas to ensure that the organizational resources they need to excel are in place.

LaMaster began her career in the arts, directing educational and leadership development programs at the Field Museum in Chicago and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. After receiving her JD from the University of Maryland, LaMaster practiced law in Baltimore, representing entrepreneurs and small businesses on a range of issues in corporate, employment, contract and intellectual property law. For the last 13 years, she has worked at the University of Maryland, first serving as managing director of the Carey School of Law's nationally recognized clinical law program and later as associate dean with a varied portfolio that spanned planning, information technology, program development, external affairs, communications, government relations and advancement. Most recently she served as executive director of MPowering the State, a $9.2M research, education and public service collaboration between the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland, College Park.

In addition to her law degree, Teresa holds a BA from St. Olaf College and an AM from the University of Chicago.

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