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Nader Tadros

Senior Facilitator & Advocacy Specialist

Former Staff

Nader Tadros joined the Center's International Budget Partnership in January 2010 as a Senior Facilitator & Advocacy Specialist based in Washington, D.C, where he develops and facilitates training programs with the IBP training team.

Tadros has over 25 years of international advocacy and citizens' participation experience in many parts of the world.  He founded People's Advocacy to help people use advocacy as a tool to realize their power and to effectively participate in decision-making processes at all levels.  Tadros has provided consultation and training services to national and international social justice and government organizations on advocacy, effective citizen participation, coalition building, and social justice work.  He is author of Advocacy: People's Power & Participation: a Sourcebook for Advocacy and Social Justice Workers, which has been translated into seven languages.  

Tadros has an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, NY, U.S., a Diploma in Social Development from St. Francis Xavier University, NS, Canada, and a BA in English from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.  He has served as an Adjunct Professor in academic institutions including the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University, and American University in Washington, D.C., the Coady International Institute, NS, Canada, and the School for International Training, Vermont.