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Kristen Crowell

Director of State Tax and Budget Campaigns

Kristen Crowell

Kristen Crowell is the Director of State Tax and Budget Campaigns. In her role, Crowell works across the State Priorities Partnership network to develop and implement campaign strategies to advance core public policies that address state budget and tax issues.

Prior to joining the Center in January 2017, Crowell served as a leader and key consultant for national and state organizations on major state campaigns and coalition efforts focused on fiscal policy, government accountability, and candidate elections. Most recently, she was President of Blue Door Strategies, a progressive campaign consulting firm working with national and state clients on issue advocacy and electoral campaigns. She led efforts in Illinois to amend the state’s constitution to create a more equitable tax structure. She also served as Executive Director of We Are Wisconsin, the organization that led one of the country’s largest recall efforts.

Crowell’s advocacy career began as a community organizer seeking change at the local level for improved public education opportunities. This commitment inspired her to run for the Milwaukee Public School Board and subsequently to manage and direct a number of progressive organizations and nonprofits.

Crowell studied Education Policy and Community Education at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

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