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The Recovery Act’s Best-Kept Secret

A little-known component of last year’s Recovery Act is helping to place some 180,000 unemployed individuals in subsidized jobs across the country. But the program — and almost all of those jobs — will disappear...

In Case You Missed It…

With discussion about addressing the federal deficit in Washington this week, we focused primarily on this topic in Off the Charts:

Q & A with Jim Horney on Health Reform and the Deficit, Part 4

This Q & A is part four in a series on myths about health reform and its impact on the federal budget deficit with Jim Horney, our director of federal fiscal policy.

Another State Cuts Low-Income Tax Credits

Just before midnight last night, Georgia’s legislature voted to eliminate a tax credit for 1 million workers earning under $20,000, joining several other states that are cutting (or considering cutting) tax benefits for low-income families...

Senior Director of Federal Tax Policy

No Need for Middle Class to Call Their Brokers

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal editorial warns of “the likelihood that the Senate budget resolution dividend tax rate of 39.6% will become law next year. The millions of Americans who receive dividend income — most of...

Greenstein: Don't Forget Tax Expenditures

Following up our post yesterday about the Peterson Foundation’s National Fiscal Summit, here’s a bit of what the Center’s executive director, Robert Greenstein, had to say:

States Split on Taxing the Poor

Over the past two decades, a number of states have recognized the folly of taxing working-poor families deeper into poverty and, instead, have eliminated their income taxes on poor — and, in some states, near-poor...

A Program to Vouch For

As last week’s New York Times story on a new federal anti-homelessness program shows, the sharp recent rise in homelessness highlights the importance of helping low-income families afford decent housing. For years, one of our...

Fact of the Day

If we continue current policies, the federal debt will skyrocket to almost three times the existing record by 2050. That’s from 53 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) at the end of fiscal year...

Greenstein at 2010 National Fiscal Summit

Today, the Center's executive director, Robert Greenstein, is speaking at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation's National Fiscal Summit.