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Arizona Tax Vote a Victory for Reality Over Rhetoric

Despite all the harsh anti-government talk in Washington and around the country, voters in Arizona yesterday did something that will surprise lots of people: they said they wanted to pay more taxes. What’s going on...

Q & A with Chad Stone on Climate Change Legislation

Today, we sat down with the Center’s Chief Economist, Chad Stone, to discuss how the new climate change legislation will affect low-income households.

“YouCut” Stacks the Deck Against Emergency Fund

Given the wildly inaccurate description of the TANF Emergency Fund on the “YouCut” website, the vote to eliminate the program is meaningless. Far from a “backdoor way to undo” welfare reform, the fund has enabled...

The Recovery Act’s Best-Kept Secret, Cont.

In an earlier post, I explained that the TANF Emergency Fund is helping to place some 180,000 low-income parents and youth who would otherwise be unemployed into paid jobs in the private and public sectors...

In case you missed it...

This week on Off the Charts, we examined the new Senate climate change proposal, fact-checked claims about health reform, and discussed federal and state tax policies and their effects on deficits.

Robert Greenstein Receives 2010 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize

Last night, the Center’s executive director, Robert Greenstein, received the 2010 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize, from the American Academy of Political and Social Science “to honor those whose careers in the academic or public arena...

Senior Director of Federal Tax Policy

On Estate Tax, Lawmakers Partying Like It’s 2001

Commenting on Senate negotiations over cutting the estate tax below last year’s already-low level, the Wonk Room correctly noted, “We need to be looking at ways to responsibly raise revenues and find cuts in spending...

Kerry-Lieberman Climate Proposal Does Well on Consumer Relief

Senators Kerry and Lieberman performed CPR on climate policy yesterday, releasing a discussion draft of the bill they have been crafting with Senator Graham. Admittedly, Congress is still a long way from passing a comprehensive...

More on Taxes and the Poor

David Brunori at State Tax Notes discusses our recent report on states taxing low-income residents (we blogged about this here and here) and agrees with our key arguments:

Dispelling Confusion About New CBO Letter on Health Reform Law

Has the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just upped its cost estimate for the new health care law by $115 billion, as several media outlets are reporting? Not at all.