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Q & A With Chad Stone on Unemployment Insurance

Today, we sat down with Chad Stone, the Center's Chief Economist, to discuss the policy basics of Unemployment Insurance.

If You Tax Them, Will They Flee?

As Ezra Klein’s research desk explains, most studies show that rich people don’t flee higher-tax states for lower-tax ones and “the revenue generated by state tax increases on high earners overwhelms that lost from taxpayers’...

In case you missed it…

This week on Off the Charts, we focused on several aspects of the jobs bill under consideration in the Senate.

Senior Director of Federal Tax Policy

Senate Moving Backwards on Jobs Bill

With the country facing high unemployment and a weak economy in the short term and severe budget problems in the long term, you’d think that senators negotiating a jobs bill would be trying to maximize...

The Top 10 Reasons Congress Needs to Stand Tall on Stimulus

“Most striking is the sense of political paralysis in both chambers and an almost visceral hunkering down in the face of the tough choices ahead,” Politico’s David Rogers wrote this morning regarding the Senate’s failure...

Senator Thune’s Response to Center's Report Doesn’t Hold Up

After we issued a report explaining why Senator Thune’s amendment to the pending jobs bill would essentially shut down much of the federal government through the end of the fiscal year (and blogged about it...

Senior Director of Federal Tax Policy

Why Closing the S Corporation Loophole Is a Good Move

The House-passed tax extenders legislation, which the Senate is now considering, would partially close a loophole that allows shareholder-employees of S corporations to avoid paying payroll tax. These people receive both wages from the firm...

Lawmakers Fiddle While the Unemployed Get Burned

As Congress dithers over the latest jobs bill, unemployed workers throughout the country face another week of uncertainty about their unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. A needed extension of the temporary UI benefits and subsidized COBRA...

Thune Amendment to Jobs Bill a Recipe for a Government Shutdown

Senator John Thune’s amendment to the jobs bill may seem reasonable at first, but in reality it would essentially shut down much of the federal government from mid-July through September 30, the end of the...

State Fiscal Crisis 101

With President Obama calling on Congress to extend Recovery Act assistance for states, here’s a set of graphics on: