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Posts on State Budget And Tax
May 30, 2018

Arizona teachers ended their strike after Governor Doug Ducey signed a budget giving them a 20 percent salary increase over three years. But the budget doesn’t include the new revenue required to finance the planned spending, relying instead on optimistic predictions of economic growth, continued cuts in the Medicaid rolls, and one-time funding shifts. Meanwhile, the new revenue sources the...

Arizona's Cuts in Per-Student Funding Among the Nation's Biggest
May 22, 2018

Update, July 26:  We’ve corrected the number of states where state and local funding exceeded pre-recession levels in 2016.

A significant share of states are providing much less school funding than they were a decade ago, according to new data from the...

K-12 Funding Fell Sharply After Recession Hit
May 10, 2018

North Carolina teachers plan to hold a “March for Students and Rally for Respect" on May 16 – the first day of the new legislative session — to protest low pay and inadequate school funding. As in Oklahoma and Arizona, excessive tax cuts have made it harder for North...

Five of Six States With Lowest Comparable Funding Levels Also Cut Taxes
May 4, 2018

Update, May 7: We’ve updated this post.

Louisiana faces a massive budget shortfall due to the legislature’s failure to replace some temporary taxes that will expire on June 30. Instead, state...

Empty Desks
April 30, 2018

Some states have enacted, or are considering, changes in their corporate income taxes in response to federal corporate income tax changes in the 2017 federal tax law. In so doing, they are laying the groundwork for future fiscal problems by cutting taxes in anticipation of a “windfall” they may not receive — particularly when state authority to enact such provisions may not hold up in court....

money puzzle
April 26, 2018

As teacher strikes bring attention to underfunded public schools, families and education advocates are suing to compel states to uphold statutory or constitutional obligations on education funding. But policymakers could avoid court disputes altogether by ensuring the proper level and distribution...

School Funding Increases Lead to Big Gains for Poor Kids
April 24, 2018

Maryland lawmakers this month passed, and Governor Larry Hogan is expected to support, legislation to expand the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to an estimated 40,000 more low-income Marylanders by lowering the eligibility age for workers not raising children in their home from 25 to 18. That will help many young workers who are just entering the workforce and supporting themselves on very low wages.

States Expanding EITCs for Workers Not Raising Children in the Home
April 17, 2018

As this week’s New York Times vignettes from teachers themselves show, school funding debates in states across the country must include an important piece of the funding puzzle: money to build new — and repair old — schools. Improving the schools in which children learn is one key to...

Capital Spending for K-12 Schools Well Below 2008 Levels
April 16, 2018

As the April 17 tax filing deadline approaches, we’ve issued a series of tax-related papers, posts, and graphics, most notably showing why the new federal tax law is fundamentally flawed and requires basic restructuring.

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Personal Taxes - 1040
April 11, 2018

To accompany our series of charts on federal tax issues, these charts put state taxes — and the services they support — into context.

State taxes help lay the foundation for economic opportunity and broad prosperity for families, businesses, and communities by...

More Than Half of State Tax Revenues Fund Education and Health Care