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November 10, 2020

The fact that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicates he’s now interested in a new COVID-19 relief package is welcome news, particularly if it leads to substantial new federal fiscal aid to help states, localities, tribal nations, and U.S. territories...

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November 5, 2020

Arizona voters approved a ballot measure this week that will make the state’s tax code more equitable while raising hundreds of millions of dollars in badly needed revenue for schools. Two other sound, high-profile ballot measures — in Illinois and California — either failed or remain too close to call, but the Arizona victory joins New Jersey’s...

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October 22, 2020

To achieve an antiracist and inclusive economic recovery from COVID-19’s ravaging of jobs and state budgets, states must fill their revenue shortfalls in equitable ways while building a foundation to grow thriving, inclusive communities.

COVID-19 and the...

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October 15, 2020

Arizona voters on November 3 could take a giant step toward educational equity that would help every schoolchild in the state, with outsized benefits to kids of color and kids whose families have low incomes.

The Invest in Education Initiative (Proposition 208) would boost the state’s K-12...

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October 15, 2020

Arizona voters will decide this fall whether to enact a targeted tax increase on high-income residents through Proposition 208 (the Invest in Education Initiative), which could deliver a sizable boost to the state’s finances, make its tax system fairer, provide big benefits to children and schools, and boost the state economy’s long-term potential.

The ballot measure calls for a 3.5...

Arizona's Tax System Asks the Most From Those Least Able to Pay
October 14, 2020

In a victory for fiscal policy and racial justice, California has repealed some county fees and eliminated the related unpaid debt. As other states consider how to respond to the COVID-19 recession in ways that dismantle racial and economic barriers, they should...

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October 8, 2020

As President Trump sends mixed signals about his support for a new economic relief bill, states and localities urgently need additional fiscal aid so they can both rehire workers they laid off or furloughed this spring and avoid additional layoffs and budget cuts that they will likely otherwise make to balance their budgets this fiscal year.

After COVID-19 struck this spring, states and...

In Focus: State and Local Government Jobs Still Far Below Pre-COVID Levels
October 7, 2020

The budget deal between Governor Phil Murphy and lawmakers will make New Jersey more equitable by raising taxes on the wealthiest families and profitable corporations, providing targeted cash assistance, and expanding the state earned income tax credit (EITC) for working families — and it also will...

New Jersey state house
September 23, 2020

Families’ access to wealth has largely determined how they’re affected by COVID-19, with wealthier and higher-paid families mostly avoiding the worst health and economic effects. This divergence reflects both racial and class inequities. As states face sizeable budget shortfalls due to the pandemic, they should raise taxes on wealthy people to preserve funding for crucial priorities such as...

High-Wage Workers Have Recovered Most Lost Jobs, But Low-Wage Job Losses Persist
September 18, 2020

The economic gains before COVID-19 sent the economy tumbling were uneven across states as well as racial and ethnic groups, according to American Community Survey (ACS) data that the Census Bureau released yesterday. And the pandemic wiped out much of this...

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