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Posts on Poverty And Inequality
September 13, 2017

The Census Bureau on September 12 released figures on health coverage, poverty, and median income in 2016. We’ve collected our analyses to date of the new data here.

Greenstein: Census Data Show Largest Two-Year Income Gain in Five Decades, Progress...
Americans Without Health Coverage Fell to Historic Low in 2016
September 12, 2017

As the House prepares to vote on a budget plan to cut safety net programs — including tax credits for low- and moderate-income working families and food assistance, and almost inevitable cuts in housing assistance — the Census Bureau today released...

Federal Low-Income Programs Lift Millions Out of Poverty
July 17, 2017

Low family income can have lasting adverse effects on children, and government programs that bolster family income can help poor children catch up and succeed over the long term, growing evidence shows. As our new report details, these programs — such as...

Many Studies Find Economic Assistance Helps Low-Income Children Succeed
April 19, 2017

Programs that boost income and help families afford basic needs also enhance poor children’s future health, education, and projected earnings, as the New York Times recently wrote. Despite growing evidence that bolstering family income can help poor children catch up in a range of...

Mother and Children Outside
February 21, 2017

The upcoming budgets from the Trump Administration and congressional Republicans are expected to contain deep cuts in domestic programs. A pair of CBPP reports show why two of the principal arguments that proponents will likely use to justify such cuts — that widespread growth in federal programs throughout the budget is the source of the nation’s fiscal problems, and that programs assisting...

Non-Interest Spending Outside Medicare and Social Security Set to Fall in Coming Decade
February 16, 2017

With the potential this year for substantial cuts in poverty reduction programs and the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) repeal, people without a bachelor’s...

Whites Without College Degree Are Largest Group of Working-Age Adults Lifted Above Poverty Line by Safety Net
January 19, 2017

This week, we hosted a speech by White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jason Furman on what works to fight poverty and what the poverty-fighting agenda going forward should – and should not – feature. Furman’s talk was followed by a lively panel discussion, moderated by ...

Furman at CBPP
January 9, 2017

Former New Jersey treasury officials recently took issue with my report on state tax policies and income inequality, which found New Jersey among the states...

money on scales
December 19, 2016

With President Obama leaving office, it’s worth recalling, with updated data, one of his notable achievements:  the 2009 Recovery Act, which helped prevent a historic rise in poverty despite the worst recession since the 1930s.  Using newly available data, we estimate that the act, which strengthened key parts of the safety net, kept nearly 9 million Americans from falling below the poverty...

2009 Recovery Act Kept Wide Range of Americans out of Poverty
December 15, 2016

Our state-by-state fact sheets that accompany our report on income inequality show that the concentration of incomes among the wealthiest residents is striking in every state.  And...

Income Inequality in New York: A Snapshot