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In Case You Missed It…


This week on Off the Charts, we discussed the economy, the looming debate on taxes, and health reform implementation.

  • On the economy, Chad Stone commented on today’s jobs report, finding that the latest figures show that the economic recovery still needs a boost. Leading up to Labor Day weekend, Liz Schott explained why the job-creating TANF Emergency Fund should be renewed by Congress and Donna Pavetti highlighted stories from previously unemployed workers who found jobs through the fund.
  • On taxes, Paul Van de Water wrote a few posts (here and here) explaining the Center’s analysis comparing the high-income tax cuts and the Social Security shortfall.  We also highlighted a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed arguing for restoring the federal estate tax (“Bring Back the Estate Tax Now”).   And, we sat down with Chuck Marr to discuss the debate on taxes that will take center stage when Congress returns after Labor Day.
  • On health reform implementation, January Angeles debunked the claim that health reform will impose unmanageable costs on states.  Also, the Center recently joined a campaign to help five million children gain health insurance coverage, which we highlighted.

In other news, the Center released a report with state-by-state numbers on the TANF Emergency Fund and a statement by Chad Stone on the August employment report.  We also released a podcast on the upcoming debate on middle-class and high-income tax cuts and on the August jobs report.  Find them on iTunes here.