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June 18, 2019

In a little-noticed move, the Trump Administration is proposing a new roadblock for U.S. citizens who are seeking federal rental assistance, including the more than 9 million citizens who are now receiving aid.

Apartment houses
June 18, 2019

The House this week will begin debate on a package of appropriations bills that would, in its 2020 funding for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), invest substantial resources to help low-income families struggling with high housing costs. These resources include $25...

May 22, 2019

The bill would invest substantial additional resources to help low-income families that struggle with the high cost of housing.

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May 10, 2019

Mother’s Day should remind policymakers to help more mothers afford high-quality child care and stable housing for their families. The President and Congress can do that by overriding the deep funding cuts scheduled for 2020 under the 2011 Budget Control Act (BCA) and making sizable new investments in child care and housing — such as by enacting the...

May 9, 2019

Update, May 16: We’ve updated this post.

Federal rental assistance helps low-income families afford stable housing and prevents homelessness in every state, as our new interactive state fact sheets...

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April 30, 2019

As policymakers consider proposals to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure, they should prioritize funds to address public housing’s unmet renovation needs and build and preserve other housing that’s affordable to the lowest-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities.


April 15, 2019

Although the President and Congress have funded modest increases in rental assistance for special populations in recent years — such as vouchers for veterans experiencing homelessness and adults with disabilities —...

March 19, 2019

In his 2020 budget, President Trump proposes again to radically reduce the federal role in helping low-income seniors, families with children, and others to pay rent and make ends meet.

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February 15, 2019

The 2019 government funding bill that President Trump signed into law today sustains most of the substantial funding increases of 2018 for Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs, and it includes funding to further expand the number of new housing vouchers and other rental assistance. Building on the strong 2018 funding, Congress again rejected the President’s...

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