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July 31, 2020

As policymakers negotiate a new economic relief package, boosting SNAP (food stamps) should be at the top of their list, new videos in our “SNAP Matters” series show.

SNAP is one of the nation’s most effective programs to respond to hardship and stimulate the economy during a downturn. These three new brief videos explain — as our earlier...

Parent shopping in grocery store with child wearing masks and gloves
July 31, 2020

With new weekly data revealing several troubling trends, including increases in the already significant number of people struggling to buy food and pay rent, policymakers must act now to prevent further hardship.

Over the last four weeks:

Some 5.6 million more adults reported that their household didn...
Children Facing Significant Hardship, With Wide Racial and Ethnic Gaps
July 30, 2020

Despite the alarming rise in the number of people, including children, who are struggling to get enough to eat, the Senate Republican proposal for the next economic relief package doesn’t...

Very Low Food Security Fell for Low-Income Households After Recovery Act’s SNAP Benefit Boost
July 28, 2020

Nearly 1.5 million Puerto Rico residents, including more than 300,000 children, are facing deep cuts in food assistance in August, but the new Senate Republican economic relief plan doesn’t include more food aid for Puerto Rico. While the House-passed Heroes Act includes a modest increase in nutrition funding for Puerto Rico, it falls short of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced’s request. Without...

Groceries at an outdoor market
July 22, 2020

The fiscal year 2021 Agriculture appropriations bill that the House will consider this week includes far less funding for SNAP (food stamps) than the program will likely need because it’s based on pre-COVID-19 funding assumptions.

The 2021 risks stem from (1) the uncertainty over the next 14 months (i.e.,...

Grocery Shopping
July 13, 2020

As policymakers consider additional relief to respond to COVID-19 and the deep economic downturn, boosting SNAP benefits must be part of measures to lessen hardship and help the economy recover.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act of March included...

Colorful Produce
July 8, 2020

As policymakers consider what could be the last COVID-19 relief package this year, they should respond to the alarming rise in the number of children who aren’t getting enough to eat by increasing SNAP (food stamp) benefits, which would minimize COVID-19’s lasting impact on a generation of children.

Policymakers, including Senate Majority Leader...

Children’s Food Need Has Risen Sharply During COVID-19
June 18, 2020

People are paying higher prices for groceries during the pandemic, including a nearly 50-year record rise in April, jeopardizing the food security of millions of households already reeling from job and income losses. The additional boost to SNAP benefits in the...

Food Prices Have Risen Rapidly Due to Supply Disruptions
June 10, 2020

A staggering 1 in 3 families with children say they don’t have enough food, and that’s in part because schools where lots of children normally eat free or reduced-price meals are closed. A new federal program (...

8 States Not Yet Approved to Run Pandemic-EBT Programs for Families Losing Free or Reduced-Price School Meals
June 5, 2020

SNAP (food stamps), the nation’s primary anti-hunger program, boosts low-income households’ food purchasing power, with SNAP participants using their benefits to buy food at 248,000 stores throughout the country. Our retailer resource page highlights the important role of retailers in every state and congressional district....

SNAP Participants Redeem 80% of Their Benefits at Larger Stores