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Posts on Federal Tax
April 25, 2018

We’ve previously explained that the 2017 tax law disproportionately benefits the wealthy, is fiscally irresponsible, and ...

quarter on graph
April 25, 2018

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth’s Greg Leiserson provides must-read guides to assess the economic impacts of the 2017 tax law in a new paper and associated...

Filing Taxes
April 24, 2018

Some 61 percent of the benefit from the 2017 tax law’s 20 percent deduction for pass-through income will flow to the top 1 percent of households in 2024, compared to just 4 percent for the bottom two-thirds, we estimate based on new and earlier estimates from the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT). (See chart.)...

2017 Tax Law's Pass-Through Deduction Heavily Tilted Toward Wealthy
April 23, 2018

When Congress considers the IRS’s 2019 funding level in the coming weeks, it should embrace President Trump’s proposal to add funding for enforcing tax laws that doesn’t count against the 2011 Budget Control Act’s (BCA) annual cap on overall funding for non-defense appropriations. That approach to IRS enforcement funding has a long bipartisan history and is especially timely now, given the IRS...

Three-Fourths of IRS Staff Losses Due to Funding Cuts Have Been in Tax Enforcement
April 18, 2018

Tax return audit rates, especially among high-income individuals and large corporations, continued a multi-year decline in 2017, IRS data show. That’s largely due to deep cuts in IRS funding and staffing since 2010, as former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen...

Audit Rates for High-Income Individuals and Large Corporations Continue to Decline Sharply
April 17, 2018

Tax Day is an ideal time to acknowledge the invaluable service that volunteers provide to help nearly 3 million low- and moderate-income people file their taxes and claim the tax credits they’ve earned. In 2018, volunteers at the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and...

Women filing application
April 16, 2018

As the April 17 tax filing deadline approaches, we’ve issued a series of tax-related papers, posts, and graphics, most notably showing why the new federal tax law is fundamentally flawed and requires basic restructuring.

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Personal Taxes - 1040
April 10, 2018

With Americans focusing on taxes as the April 17 deadline approaches, these charts show why the tax law enacted in December needs wholesale restructuring: it will increase inequality, reduce revenues at a time when the nation needs to increase them, and invite rampant tax avoidance. As our...

New Tax Law Delivers Large Tax Cuts to Most Well-Off
April 5, 2018

A new paper released by the U.S. Partnership on Mobility from Poverty proposes improvements to the Child Tax Credit (CTC) to enable more children in low-income working families to qualify for the full credit — highlighting research on the positive effects of...

Child Tax Credit at Various Income Levels, 2018
March 23, 2018

The 2018 government funding bill, which the House and Senate have now passed, doesn’t include enough Internal Revenue Service funding.

2018 Funding Budget Continues Multi-Year Squeeze on IRS Budget