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Update: Where Things Stand for the Unemployed

June 17, 2014

Emergency federal jobless benefits expired in December, and the Senate-passed extension, which only provides benefits retroactively through May 31, continues to languish in the House.  This means that only regular state UI...

Recent Spending Cuts Outweigh Tax Increases 3 to 1

March 20, 2014

We noted 3-19-14bud-f1-elert.pngyesterday that legislative changes account for most of the nearly $5 trillion decline since 2010 in projected deficits for the 2015-2024 decade.  Those legislative changes, in turn, consisted mostly of program cuts, which...

Mapping the Impact of Letting Emergency Jobless Benefits Expire

December 12, 2013

As we’ve written, most recently yesterday, the economy hasn’t yet recovered enough to pull the plug on federal emergency unemployment compensation (EUC).  This clickable map shows the number of weeks of...