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School’s Open, But Funding’s Down

September 1, 2011

As a new school year begins, states are providing less funding per student to elementary and high schools than last year (after adjusting for inflation) in 21 of the 24 states for which these data are available, our new analysis finds. (See first graph.) These 24 states include about two-thirds of the nation’s school-age population.

The Latest on State Budgets

June 17, 2011

States have seen stronger-than-expected revenue growth in the last few months, the clearest sign yet that state budgets are recovering from the depths of the recession. But as our new update on state budget shortfalls makes clear, states are just beginning to climb out of a very deep hole.

California Still Needs a Balanced Approach

May 23, 2011

Although new projections have improved California’s revenue outlook for the next fiscal year, the state will still need to take a balanced approach to closing its budget shortfall to avoid excessive, additional cuts to core services like education and health care.

Texas Undermines Core Services To Cover Budget Shortfall

May 12, 2011

Facing huge budget shortfalls for the coming fiscal year, states must decide whether to rely exclusively on spending cuts or pursue a balanced approach that also includes raising new revenue. Look no further than Texas to see the consequences of a cuts-only approach.

The Latest on State Budgets

March 9, 2011

We updated our analysis today of state budget shortfalls, which shows that states continue to confront major challenges as they craft their budgets for the coming fiscal year. They face:

Update on State Budgets

January 27, 2011

We recently updated our analysis of state budget shortfalls, showing that states still have a long road ahead. They face:

Texas Budget Proposal Shows Harsh Consequences of Cuts-Only Approach

January 21, 2011

Because of the weak economy, states now project a whopping $125 billion gap for next fiscal year between the cost of services and the available revenue, our latest update shows. That’s the worst gap on record, after accounting for federal assistance that states received under the 2009 Recovery Act and the August 2010 jobs bill.

The Latest on State Budgets

December 9, 2010

Our new analysis of state budget shortfalls shows that states’ problems are far from over:

States Split on Taxing the Poor, Cont.

May 5, 2010

To follow up on last week’s post on state taxes and the working poor (and TAPPED’s post on our recent report), these maps show the progress states have made over the past two decades in eliminating income taxes on working-poor families.