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States Have Hiked College Tuition to Compensate For Cuts

March 22, 2013

States have slashed funding to public colleges and universities over the past five years, as I explained earlier this week and we detail in our new paper.  After adjusting for inflation, every state except North Dakota and Wyoming is...

Adding Up Five Years of State Higher Ed Cuts

March 19, 2013

State cuts to higher education funding in the last five years have been severe and almost universal, as we explain in a new paper.  After adjusting for inflation:

  • States are spending $2,353 or 28 percent less per student on higher education, nationwide, in the current 2013 fiscal year than they did
  • ...

State Tax Cuts Jeopardize Schools

January 15, 2013

Deep state tax cuts can be very, very bad for K-12 schools.  That’s a key lesson of last week’s court ruling that found that Kansas is unconstitutionally underfunding its elementary and secondary schools even as it slams through one of the nation’s largest-ever state tax cuts.  And it’s a lesson that...

Out-of-State Companies Win, Local Services Lose Under Florida Tax Cut

October 5, 2012

We recently explained that Amendment 4, a package of harmful property tax changes on Florida’s November ballot, would send millions of dollars in property tax breaks out of state instead of using that money locally to pay for police and fire protection, road maintenance, and other public services.

Indeed, some of...

Double Trouble in Florida

September 28, 2012

As we note in recent analyses, Florida’s November ballot will contain two measures, Amendment 3 and Amendment 4, each of which would severely squeeze funding for local services like schools, roads, and fire and police protection.  Their combined...

Don’t Forget State Taxes

September 27, 2012

Recent debates over who pays federal income taxes often ignore the fact that many people who don’t pay federal income taxes do pay lots of other federal taxes as well as state and local taxes.

Here’s one example:  while the federal government has largely exempted working-poor families from income taxes since the mid-1980s, file type icon our analysis ...

School Cuts Add Up

September 7, 2012

Our new survey finds that more than half of the states have cut K-12 education funding this year, as I explained earlier this week.  Ten states cut more than $100 per pupil for the 2012-2013 school year alone (see the first chart, below)....

Schools Face Another Tough Budget Year

September 4, 2012

States have cut education funding deeply since the start of the recession and, in many states, those cuts deepened over the last year.  Per-pupil school funding in 35 states now stands below 2008 levels — often far below — our updated analysis shows (see chart).


Slow Recovery Creates Continued State Budget Shortfalls

June 27, 2012

July 1 marks the start of the new fiscal year for most states.  For 31 of them, it will start yet another year of budget gaps as states face a combined shortfall of $55 billion, according to our new report.

2-8-08sfp-rev6-27-12-f2-infocus.jpgThat’s a big improvement over where state...

State Budgets: Improving, But a Long Recovery Ahead

May 24, 2012

States still face a long and uncertain recovery, according to our newly updated survey of state budget shortfalls.

Major fiscal challenges persist. Thirty states have projected (and in many cases have already closed) budget gaps totaling $54 billion for fiscal year 2013, which begins July...