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Tax-Cut States Put Higher Ed on the Chopping Block

March 25, 2015

With the recession behind them, many states are reinvesting in their higher education systems, though funding remains far below pre-recession levels.  A handful of states, however, have dug deeper budget holes with tax cuts — holes that they’re looking to their already...

Mapping State Funding Cuts for Higher Education

March 6, 2015

Public colleges and universities have experienced major cuts in state funding since the Great Recession — something state lawmakers should consider as they grapple with tough budget decisions in coming months. Our new fact sheets show that, in almost every state, these funding cuts have led to tuition hikes. In some cases,...

Growing Incarceration Contributed Little to Drop in Crime, Study Finds

February 26, 2015

Increased incarceration has contributed next to nothing to the sharp drop in crime over the past 25 years, a recent Brennan Center for Justice report finds. This research, along with other recent analysis challenging the belief that...

The Rise in State Prison Populations

December 3, 2014

Most states’ prison populations are at historic highs after decades of extraordinary growth. This growth has been costly, limiting economic opportunity for communities with especially high incarceration rates and taking critical resources from other important investments, such as education. Click on the map below to learn more about...


California Votes to Shrink Prison Population and Reinvest Savings

November 6, 2014

California voters approved Tuesday a measure to not only reduce the state prison population but also reinvest the savings in specific, high-priority programs.  As our recent report on criminal justice reform and education...

4 Ways States Can Reduce Incarceration Rates

October 31, 2014

I outlined recently the causes and costs of states’ high incarceration rates. While most states, under both Republican and Democratic control, have enacted criminal justice...

The Causes and Costs of High Incarceration Rates

October 29, 2014

Most states’ prison populations are at historic highs, I explained yesterday, imposing high costs on states even as many states have cut education funding.  Here’s a closer look at the causes and impacts of high incarceration rates:

Incarceration rates have risen mainly...

States Should Spend Less on Prisons, More on Schools

October 28, 2014

The huge growth in state prison populations in recent decades has created mounting budget challenges for states, our new report explains.  State economies would be much stronger over time if states invested more in education and other areas that can boost long-term economic growth and less in maintaining extremely high prison...

District of Columbia Shows How to Cut Taxes Responsibly

June 12, 2014

The District of Columbia functions much like a state government when it comes to tax policy, and new tax changes there show how states can cut taxes in a responsible way for a broad range of families while still funding important services.  It’s a particularly helpful model in light of the poorly designed tax cuts that have been so common in states over the last two years....

Mapping Higher Ed Funding Cuts and Tuition Hikes

June 4, 2014

Most states in the past year have begun to restore some of the cuts they made to higher education funding after the recession hit. In almost all states, however, higher education funding remains well below pre-recession levels, as we explained in a recent paper. The large state funding cuts have led to both steep college...